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5 Stages of Starting a Successful Business

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Before we start, we feel it is important to include the fact that these steps, no matter what order they are carried out, will always provide a firm foundation from which you can build your business. With the help of Real Quick Media, we want to highlight some of the more crucial topics that should be covered before starting. So sit back, buckle up & prepare to take notes!

The Idea

The idea is much like the brain of your business, it’s where you drive inspiration, guidance and the key point to which your business revolves around. The Idea can be a solution to a problem, the answer to a question or just a concept in it’s earliest stages. Having a set idea about what you want your business to work around is a really good place to start, our top advice is to think of a problem millions of people face each day and find a solution. Problem-solving is one of the catalysts which will launch your business into success.

A Team

For all of mankind, humans have stood out as the “wisest” species yet as individuals we become no more lethal than the baby monkey. So from this concept, we can derive that humans are most proficient when working together whether its in production or operation. Building a reputable team of seasoned professionals can be a key stepping stone when on the path to success, no one ever makes it alone! Ideally, the team’s skill should differentiate from those you already have, whilst having two people with the same speciality can be good it would be a lot more effective to bring in someone with other skills to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

The Customer

Whether you are B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) you need to have a firm understanding of who your product, service or good is aimed at. Marketing a toy for children wouldn’t make much sense on the 11 pm news as your target audience is mostly inactive therefore your marketing efforts would be futile. Having a deep understanding of your targeted customer can help in design, manufacturing, logistics & sales, a well planned out customer base can provide a clear insight into the next steps for a successful company.

The Social Media Presence

With the ever-expanding customer base on social media, the market is flooded with potential buyers and in today’s digital era you would be downright crazy not to get involved. The market follows attention and that’s why famous influencers make more money from brand deals & selling merchandise than they do through their primary source of attention. You don’t get to decide when the market changes but since the dawn of time, customers follow attention so having some attention. Even if it’s only a few thousand followers can bring an inflow of sales when the time is right.

The Content / Marketing

In today’s age where everyone is glued to their screens, we’ll leave this up to you to decide if it’s a blessing or a curse, we click through hundreds if not thousands of advertisements. “Play this game”, “try this product”, “rate my service”. The world has had enough of plain old boring marketing. The time of the content creation is here, with famous businessmen like Bezos, Musk & O’Leary hiring more content creators to their team, surely this is an insight into what will be the next craze in business. Digital storytelling is going to be the leading marketing tool in the future, whether that’s one year or five, we need to adapt and fast! From film to photography, producing unique content revolving around your business isn’t the easiest strategy in the world but if you have the best product in the world and no content to market it with, nobody is going to know about it. So get yourself out there & create!

Thanks for reading, you can leave a comment down below letting us know your thoughts but you can also check out our Instagram & LinkedIn for more free content. We hope you found our blog entertaining all whilst learning something new & those of us at Real Quick Media wish you the best of luck starting out! Maybe get in touch with us to learn more about some services we can provide for your business!

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