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How To Level Up On Social Media

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

With living in the digital era, modern problems require modern solutions. So here is Real Quick Media offering you TIPS to grow your brand and develop your social presence.

So first we need to address what you are looking to do on social media? Are you looking to broadcast your life, talk about your interests, build a brand or even just have fun? Knowing you and the reason behind creating a social media presence can be a tricky but rewarding emotion to feel, but once you do the personality, flavour and “pizzazz” can naturally flow. So get ready as we deliver some of the best tips to GROW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND!


Having a personal, trustworthy voice or face behind your content & brand can not only boost engagement but bring a higher percentage of the recurring audience back to your brand. Think back, why did you really like & keep going back to your favourite influencer’s pages, talent, identity, funny or maybe just plain interesting. Anyways, your favourite influencer has probably created an authentic brand where they can freely express themselves, their thoughts & their ideas without fear of repercussion. A recurring audience on anyone’s brand only solidifies there space in the digital world.


With the social space being very much like a market, you want a higher number of “customers” at your “shop” compared to your competitors. Behind all the smiles & jokes, Addison Rae’s management team more than likely wishes she had more followers than Charli D’amelio because more attention brings more opportunities. Whether it’s staring on Vogue, starting a music career or being on a Superbowl advert, attention follows those who provide the best value to their customers. Adding value to your audience (whether it’s through dancing, comedy, entertainment or gaming) increases their likelihood to come back and consume more of your content. The key behind building a community is to remember the audience is the heart of the structure, pumping round much-needed life to your social media brand. And that’s why having a higher retention rate can be more important than a few “one-hit wonder” pieces of content.

Passion & love for your content

If you don’t love making your content, how can you expect people to love watching it? Seeing the glint of passion behind the influencers eyes can make or break a piece of content and its popularity. If you want to level up your social media brand you need to be loving the content you do and make content out of the things you love! Being a social influencer holds with it so much power and with that responsibility, project the image you would have liked to see, be the person that so many people are missing. Whether that’s comedy, dancing, cooking or anything, create your own lane & own it like the boss you know you can be. See your work on social media as a blessing it’s been said but we will say it again, you need the audience but they do not need you, so treat them right by showing the love you have for the work you do.

Platform diversity

In a similar tone to the well-known phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” don’t have al your audience on one platform. Learn to be adaptable & versatile in the ever-changing and expanding space that is the digital world we live in. Start expanding your content, your passion & your work to other platforms to ground your feet in the quick-sand of the social media game. Use different platforms for different things. Twitter i a great public platform to share your thoughts on anything, TikTok is a great platform to market your brand and show your work, and Instagram is possibly the best community engagement tool you have at your hands. Use them wisely & use them all!


We hope you found our used & proven tips helpful in beating the social media game and growing your brand. The influencer space is only on the verge of what will be a digital empire, it’s never too late to start. Taking the first step is always the hardest but comforting once you find your footing.

Thanks for reading, you can leave a comment down below letting us know your thoughts but you can also check out our Instagram & LinkedIn for more free content. We hope you found our blog entertaining all whilst learning something new & those of us at Real Quick Media wish you the best of luck starting out! Maybe get in touch with us to learn more about some services we can provide for your business!

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