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The Power of a Digital Presence

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What is a digital presence? Is it having a social media profile, owning a website, supporting fellow creators? Or all of the above? Is there any way a strong digital presence can help us? Well today, Real Quick Media wants to answer those questions & more! So please, enjoy, take notes and allow us to lead you into our digital world.

So what is a digital presence?

A digital presence is the simple presence of your character online, no not like a video game character, but we do like how you think! Opening up to the internet, growing yourself across the platforms, allows us to curate our own community.

The Garden

Now before you dismiss this idea, let’s think about a gardening metaphor. A gardener can spend hours a day growing, treating, and caring for his garden and can do this for months before he sees the visible results. Much like the gardener nurturing his own land from the seeds to the sky, you can grow your digital presence from a few thousand to a few million. Yes it does take time and yes eventually it will pay off, between happiness, patience, and dedication, you will yourself with a reward that only comes with hard work.

How can we grow a digital presence?

From TikTok to Facebook, from Instagram to Clubhouse the social media apps are limitless with their capabilities. From every post to every comment, the digital world holds masses of potential which can help you grow & develop your online presence, brand, business, or more. Platform diversity can yield amazing results, in a similar attitude to the common phrase “don’t have all your eggs in one basket” we need to learn not to rely on one platform when thinking about our digital presence. Over concentration on one platform can limit our growth, having backups and plans can provide a sense of stability in the constantly shifting quick-sand of social media.

Can a digital presence help us?

To give a short answer, Yes. Growing a community, audience or presence can help promote our ideas, our products, our services, and our businesses. Flipping the marketing funnel and building the customer base before the brand, can increase awareness, build excitement and boost sales. A number one rule in the online world is to remember that you need the customer but they do not need you. Now as blunt as this sounds, and trust us we understand the sting this can have, this lesson can remind us to treat, care and respect our audience more than ever before. Engaging with, sharing, and providing value to our community can keep retention high and improve overall satisfaction.

The biggest key to building a digital presence

In an ever-expanding world, the digital era seems to favor specific faces of content. Story writing, videography & photography are some of our all-time favorite pieces of content. With the most widespread video platform being YouTube, the market is always rewarding those who can tell a story effectively. Through video, sound, writing, or photos, sharing an insight into your world & thoughts with your audience can produce strong results when building your brand. Consistency in story-telling can lead you towards building your digital presence to greater heights than you thought you were capable of.

With our decorated team of professionals, we aim to provide as much value to our audience as possible. We hope you enjoyed our explanation of why YOU should grow a digital presence and we hope you take our advice into consideration.

Thanks for reading, you can leave a comment down below letting us know your thoughts but you can also check out our Instagram & LinkedIn for more free content. We hope you found our blog entertaining all whilst learning something new & those of us at Real Quick Media wish you the best of luck starting out! Maybe get in touch with us to learn more about some services we can provide for your business!

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