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PUMA 2021 Campaign

We’ve collaborated with PUMA twice to promote two different lines for some of their newest footwear. With Taylore & Abbey promoting the PUMA Cruiseriders, our team had to coordinate with our influencers to deliver four pieces of video content on TikTok to audiences of scale. Throughout the PUMA Crusierider campaign, our team identified and followed all creative and content guidelines to produce four videos showcasing the then soon to be released PUMA Cruiserider. Creativity, innovation and personality were all key themes PUMA wanted to see throughout their content and with this our team alongside Taylore & Abbey focused on implementing these into their content. 


Following the February campaign, we were approached again to partner in promoting a new collaboration line of footwear between PUMA & Saks Fifth with the new PUMA & Saks Fifth shoe. This shoe was marketed as more of a fashionable shoe compared to the fitness look of the Cruiserider and due to this our team needed an Influencer who could style the PUMA & Saks Fifth shoe with a dedicated audience open to the more fashionable footwear that this shoe provided. With these facts in mind, Sean Cavaliere was the perfect match. With the balance between fashion and culture, Sean provided a fresh marketing perspective on the PUMA & Saks Fifth that other influencers would struggle to replicate. A mixture of style and personality Sean showed that the PUMA & Saks Fifth was a versatile fashion item which incorporated all senses of style and culture when worn. 


Overall across both of these campaigns, the results were very successful. With the PUMA Cruiserider campaign being based on TikTok and the PUMA x Saks Fifth campaign being based on Instagram, the campaigns reached different audiences and overall accumulated over 346,000 views & impressions. 

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Sean Cavaliere


Abbey Siegel


Taylore Rae

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