Maybelline Event

Real Quick Media collaborated with BCPM & Maybelline to organize having Tatiana McQuay attend a mascara launch for Maybelline in New York City. The event took place on December 14th to celebrate the brand new launch of the Maybelline New York Curl Bounce Mascara. Through our management services, Tatiana was invited to walk the infamous yellow carpet, to chill at the cabana, and to connect with internationally renowned Maybelline Ambassadors along with meeting guest makeup celebrities Kristiana & Melissa Hernandez. 


Through our management services, Tatiana was able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity whilst representing herself & Real Quick Media, being an ideal Influencer to attend this great event.


Tatiana McQuay unites both stunning looks & a great personality to create a brand with content that excites. Tati provides the perfect balance between modern innovation and classical highlights to relate her content to a wide array of audiences, therefore making her the perfect influencer to grace the NYC launch for Maybelline.